LIGHTSKY PEARL WASH:a versatile LED moving beam wash allowing you display excellent color macro effect

LIGHTSKY is pleased to introduce PEARL WASH, a new member of the popular LED moving beam wash series. It integrates beam and wash function, features comprehensive color mixing modes & high-speed pan/tilt speed & nice FX effect and 7 to 55 zoom degree. It is suitable for touring, concerts, TV show lighting venues.


High precision combination structure

It adopts high-precision combined structure design, high-transmittance glass pole + PMMA lens. With 12Pcs×40W RGBL LED multichips ,powerful power (500W) and excellent LED life (30000 h), PEARL WASH has high brightness, long range and wide application range.

Excellent color macro effect

LED moving wash PEARL WASH has a bright RGBL color mixing mode (optional: RGBW) and color rainbow effect with variable speed CTO. With powerful light output (2700k-8000k), wide zoom range (7-55°), and FX mode for a kaleidoscope effect, PEARL WASH fixture provides clearly visible, bright beams with wide, even and clean washes area, resulting in perfect color macro effect.

Rotate wirelessly without stops

This flexible LED mobile wash PEARL WASH has a zoom system with linear electric zoom ,LED control effects with multi-point control (at least 3 LED chips) effect. Best of all, its front lens can rotated infinity! Fast XY speed, accurate positioning, smooth dimming and flickering under HD camera add another unique dynamic effect to this versatile LED wash light fixture.

Practical and portable

LED moving wash PEARL WASH adopts a compact, sturdy, lightweight and durable design, with practical functions such as intelligent control and automatic alarm for fixture failure. It only weighs 12.8KG and is easy to install and transport.

Therefore, the LED moving wash pearl wash is a fixture that can be used in many situations.