Experience the Power of Portability with LightSky SUPER SCOPE PRO: Unleash Creativity Anywhere

LightSky Moving Head Light SUPER SCOPE PRO is not just a moving head light with beam spot wash profile 4 in 1 function. It is a game-changer that combines portability, functionality, and versatility in one compact package. Let’s dive into its remarkable features and see why it stands out from the crowd:


Lightweight and Compact:

Weighing only 26.3kg, it weighs less than a traditional moving head light. LightSky moving head light SUPER SCOPE PRO is incredibly easy to transport and install. Take it on the road for touring productions or set it up effortlessly for temporary installations.


Unmatched Optical Performance:

Despite its small size, the SUPER SCOPE PRO delivers exceptional optical performance. With a lens diameter of 133mm, it can project light over long distances with high illumination. Whether you need a full beam or a clear spot, this fixture ensures consistent clarity and color from the center to the edge of the pattern.

Endless Creative Possibilities:

LightSky 450W LED moving head SUPER SCOPE PRO features a rotation gobo wheel with multiple pattern styles, allowing you to unleash your creativity and create captivating visual effects. From intricate patterns to mesmerizing textures, this fixture offers limitless options for creating unique lighting designs.


Precise Cutting Module:

The cutting module of the SUPER SCOPE PRO can rotate ±45°, ensuring clear and distortion-free cutting images. This feature allows you to precisely shape and define your projections, adding depth and dimension to your lighting design.


Impressive Illuminance:

With an output illuminance of 26000lux@10m, the SUPER SCOPE PRO ensures that your stage is bathed in brilliant light. Whether it’s a small theater or a large concert hall, this fixture delivers the intensity and coverage you need to make a lasting impact.

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High Color Rendering:

LightSky moving head beam SUPER SCOPE PRO incorporates a high CRI piece, achieving a remarkable RA of 90. This means that colors are rendered accurately and faithfully, enhancing the visual experience for both performers and audiences.


Versatile Applications:

Moving head light SUPER SCOPE PRO is not limited to a specific setting. It is suitable for theaters, TV stations, large-scale concerts, gymnasiums, and other high-end performance sites. No matter where you need exceptional lighting, this fixture has got you covered.


Don’t let its small size fool you – the SUPER SCOPE PRO is a powerhouse of lighting capabilities. Its lightweight design, exceptional optical performance, and endless creative possibilities make it an indispensable tool for lighting professionals in various industries. Experience the power of portability and unleash your creativity with the SUPER SCOPE PRO. Feel free to contact us:flydragon@lightsky.com.cn