Beam, Wash, Spot, Profile 4-in-1 Moving Head You Can’t Miss in 2022


A professional spotlight that produces dynamic light is known as a moving light. These include scanners, in which the light beam is shifted by mirrors, and moving effects, for which well-known beam effects have been fitted with a moving base. These are in addition to the so-called moving heads.

There are four types of moving lights: wash, beam, spot, and profile. Out of these, beam fixtures have the narrowest beam angle, while the spot/profile and the wash are generally the same. The spot/profile fixtures can have a sharp edge, while wash fixtures will have a soft edge. More details about these four moving heads are listed as follows:

4 Types of Moving Heads


  1. Wash

A wash head, in particular, does not offer the precise beam control options that your spot or beam head has. It has a soft edge and is often utilized when a broad area has to be lit. It works as a wide beam that reaches the end of the crowd. You can zoom in and move it a little.

  1. Beam

Beam light is a strong source of light that travels through the air like a laser. This non-tapered, distinctive light is usually used in live events, dance parties, and concerts. It is somewhat expensive and can change color without mixing.

  1. Spot

This type of light usually comes with gobo wheels and iris, and most feature an animation wheel. Its gobo moving head typically has a sharper edge than a wash. Highlighting certain items, following spots, or applying a broad texture to spaces are examples of its uses. It is affordable and creates more variations while in use.

  1. Profile

The spot and a profile are not much different. The profile generally has the same advantages and applications as a spot but forgoes gobo wheels in favor of framing shutters. It is used in false ceilings and gives a refined look. The projection is minimal, just like a night light.

Super Scope Max – Your Best  Choice of Moving Head Light

If you want to purchase a moving light for your events and are confused about which one to purchase, let Light Sky be your guide for picking the right equipment. Here comes the Super Scope Max, the new arrival of Light Sky, which will be the ideal choice for you.


  1. Comprehensive Function:

Super Scope Max includes an array of characteristics that most other lights don’t offer. It also comes with the gobo moving head feature offering multiple function effects, a color wheel, and two rotation types, A and B. The shutters consist of four blades, each with a separate movement. In addition, the dimming feature is without flicker and offers 0-100% linear adjustment. Lastly, it provides a quadrangular prism that can be rotated in both directions.

  1. High-Performance

Being a high-performance option, it is a 1200-watt LED light source that packs a professional and efficient optical system, 8x optical zoom, and uniformity. The heat dissipation function offers an exceptional, intelligent noise reduction design. Moreover, it entails a 2.8-inch resistive color touch screen with good pressing sensitivity.

  1. Wide Zoom Angle

As mentioned above, Super Scope Max offers 8x optical zoom that displays a clear and enlarged picture. It also offers a wide zoom range from 6° to 50°, ensuring complete coverage of the area. Apart from that, the total illumination it renders is 29000 lux at 10m. When using a high CRI filter, it reaches up to 18300 lux.

  1. Professional Cutting System

This light offers an efficient cutting system that can continuously shape transformation patterns, such as triangles, sectors, circles, and more. This helps in providing a remarkable experience during music festivals, concerts, and theatre shows.

  1. CMY Linear Color Mixing Function

It offers CMY linear color mixing function, which mixes colors into pure red, bright green, and deep blue. The entire process is free of distortion or irregularities. The color mixing effect offers versatility and an amazing atmosphere of excitement and fun. These colors influence the individuals present in the crowd or on the stage, stimulating their circadian system, moods, and feelings altogether.

Key Takeaway!

For over 30 years, Light Sky has specialized in providing intelligent lighting solutions for the entertainment and architecture industries. The 4-in-1 moving head is quite flexible and simple to use, which can work best in concerts, shows, and other events. In addition, this new arrival, Light Sky lighting, also offers a noise management feature. Contact us for more information now!