What Stage Lighting Equipment Do I Need for a Small-Scale Light Show?

When establishing a small-scale lighting show production firm, one of the most important pieces of equipment is a lighting system; thus, what fundamental lights are required? How may very inexpensive lighting effects elevate an average performance to new heights?

In general, the following lighting could help your production achieve the ideal balance:


  1. Lavatory Fixtures/Moving Lavatory Fixtures

Wash fixtures are traditionally employed for backlighting and ground washes. Par, Fresnel, strip LED bar, and moving wash lights are all available, such as LIGHT SKY TX1920 Zoom moving head wash lighting.


With a 19pcs * 20W RGBW macro color system and 7-55° of zoom range. They provide a soft border and bathe a region in color, rather than focusing on a particular spot or person. Therefore, if your budget is limited, you may wish to begin there.


  1. Beam-Moving Fixtures

A near-zero-degree beam output from a large-diameter lens is another approach to attracting attention during an event using beam light, which is produced by a large-diameter lens.


Not only does it have a long range, but it is also small and light, allowing it to travel extremely quickly. Therefore, if you have attended a concert in the past few years, there is a strong probability that you have witnessed these fixtures in operation. They can be a valuable complement to high-energy musicals and comParable performances.


  1. Hybrid Fixtures/Beam Spot Wash three-in-one mobile headlight

As moving light technology continues to advance, the fixture no longer serves a single purpose. This is a significant enhancement, as it can switch smoothly between beam spot and wash modes, allowing lighting designers to have a lot of fun!


For instance, the AURORA light from LIGHT SKY is a professional Hybrid fixture with a CMY color mixing system.


Optimal Beam Light on the Market


Our AURORA is currently one of the best outdoor beam lights on the market, and LIGHT SKY offers the most adaptable and potent stage lights for sale. Due to its high performance, any outdoor event, including a music festival, can benefit from it. In light of this, we have listed some of the top qualities of the LIGHT SKY AURORA beam light below.


  • High strength, waterproof, oil-proof, and anti-corrosive: The AURORA beam light has an unmatched performance while also meeting the requirements for being waterproof, dust-proof, and anti-corrosive. Additionally, the lamp’s lifespan could be up to 1500H.
  • High-quality and incredibly quiet: The beam light under discussion is not only of high quality, but it also has a strong motor that makes very little noise in the already noisy music festival environment.
  • Fast response time, and vibrant color: Moving light fixtures typically use less power than other LED fixtures, but their brightness is debatable. The AURORA beam light, on the other hand, avoids these trade-offs by providing a quick response time and maintaining brightness while also using less power.


Refer to the aforementioned summaries and choose lights from each of the applicable categories to have everything necessary for beginning production.