Unleash Stunning Visuals with Our Powerful Moving Head Wash Light

We proudly present the Super Scope Pro, our powerful moving head wash light. Equipped with a 450W white LED module, this exceptional light source delivers unparalleled brightness and longevity. With a color temperature of 6500K and a total lumen output of 21000Lm, the Super Scope Pro ensures vibrant and captivating visuals for any event or stage production. Prepare to immerse your space in stunning lighting effects and elevate your visual experience with this remarkable moving head wash light.

Dynamic Color Blending and Mixing

Experience the magic of color with the Super Scope Pro’s versatile color options. The light features a color wheel with five basic color filters, allowing you to create a wide range of vibrant hues. Additionally, the CMY color mixing system enables seamless blending of colors to achieve customized shades and gradients. With the inclusion of CTO (Color Temperature Orange) and a CRI (Color Rendering Index) filter, this moving head wash light provides exceptional color accuracy and fidelity. Let your creativity soar as you paint your space with an endless spectrum of captivating colors.


Captivating Gobo Effects and Framing

The Super Scope Pro takes your visual experience to new heights with its impressive gobo capabilities. The rotation gobo wheel features seven interchangeable gobos, each adding a unique pattern and texture to your lighting compositions. Create mesmerizing projections and captivating atmospheres with ease. Additionally, the framing system enhances your control over the light’s output by offering four blades that can be individually positioned in eight different directions. With each blade capable of rotating +/- 45° degrees, you have the freedom to frame your lighting elements precisely, adding depth and focus to your visuals.


Versatile Zoom and Optics

Enjoy unmatched flexibility and adaptability with the Light Sky‘s Super Scope Pro’s zoom and optics features. The zoom angle ranges from 4° to 53°, allowing you to adjust the spread of light to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need a narrow beam for focused highlights or a wide wash for broad coverage, the Super Scope Pro delivers exceptional versatility. The front lens diameter of 133mm ensures optimal light transmission and clarity, guaranteeing stunning visuals at any zoom setting. Immerse your space in the perfect lighting atmosphere with ease.



In conclusion, our Super Scope Pro moving head wash light is the ultimate tool to unleash stunning visuals in any event or stage production. With its dynamic color blending, versatile gobo effects, and precise framing capabilities, this powerful lighting solution empowers you to create captivating atmospheres and immersive experiences. Take advantage of the versatile zoom and optics features to adapt the light’s output to your specific needs. Illuminate your space with vibrant colors, mesmerizing projections, and precisely framed lighting elements.