Tips for Selecting LED Wash Moving Head Lighting Supplier

If you intend to invest in LED wash moving head lights, you are unquestionably making a wise choice. We have compiled this comprehensive guide to the unrivaled LED moving head wash lights to provide you with helpful advice, trustworthy products, and a list of reputable manufacturers.

What to Consider When Selecting a Supplier for LED wash moving head Lights?

Here, we will discuss factors that will bring you one step closer to your desired LED wash moving head light supplier.

  • A Vendor with Diverse Products

Evaluate your wash moving head provider based on their ability to meet all your specific project requirements. To achieve the ideal lighting effect, it is sometimes necessary to combine several LED wash moving head lights with a distinct set of other bright stage lights. Thus, it is preferable to work with a moving head wash supplier that offers a variety of LED wash moving head light products.

  • Products With Assured Quality

Next, we will discuss the quality of the LED wash moving head lights. Remember, if you want an impressive lighting effect to showcase your event with distinction, you should never purchase bright stage lights from low-quality product suppliers. Choose a supplier that adheres to stringent quality control protocols and places a premium on quality over brand names and price tags.

  • Credentials and Patents

Certifications and patents are the best way to confirm that your prospective provider of wash moving lights possesses all the high-quality standards, expertise, and skills necessary to provide you with an unmatched product of bright stage lights.

LIGHT SKY Recommendation

  • TX1920 ZOOM is the modern-day zoom led light that brings the following features:

-LED chip: TYANSHINE 19X20W RGBW 4 in 1 LED, stable performance, long life span.

-Use integrated combination optical lens, high brightness, long life span, multi-function .

-Build-in color calibration system, to make sure every equipment mixed color consistent.

-The light has three kinds of work modes: silent, standard, high brightness for different workplaces.

-7-55° zoom

-Compact, easy to install and use.

  • TX1940 ZOOM is the modern-day zoom led light that brings the following features:

-High brightness:700W

-Color mixing: RGBW macro color system

-Smart cooling system, low noise.

-Tiny volume & lightweight

-Equipped with latest USB upgrading system


LIGHT SKY specializes in the production of the highest-quality moving lights available on the market today. Since 1993, we have been producing high-quality lighting equipment, allowing us to offer you the best possible service. For additional information, please visit our website.