Light Sky’s LED Beam Moving Head

At the forefront of lighting innovation, our LED Beam Moving Head shines as a beacon of excellence, offering a harmonious blend of advanced features and diverse functionality that cater to the unique needs of lighting enthusiasts and professionals. With its refined engineering and versatile performance, this luminary gem empowers you to unleash your imagination and craft immersive lighting experiences that leave a lasting impression on all who behold its radiant glow. Our LED Beam Moving Head is engineered to bring your lighting designs to life with unprecedented precision and breathtaking effects thanks to its advanced features and diverse functionality. Come along as we examine the amazing capabilities of our LED Beam Moving Head and learn how it can turn any area into an enthralling visual display.

Vibrant Colors and Creative Possibilities

Light Sky’s LED Beam Moving Head is equipped with a comprehensive color system to unleash your creativity. The color wheel features 5 basic color filters, allowing you to create vibrant and diverse color palettes. Furthermore, the CMY color mixing system and CTO filter provide seamless color blending and temperature adjustment, offering a wide range of possibilities for dynamic lighting compositions. With the addition of a CRI filter, our LED Beam Moving Head ensures accurate color reproduction, bringing out the true essence of your lighting designs.


Dynamic Gobo Effects and Precise Framing

Our led spot moving head light offers an array of captivating gobo effects. The rotation gobo wheel features 7 interchangeable gobos, allowing you to project intricate patterns and shapes onto any surface. Additionally, the framing system includes 4 blades, each capable of eight-directional movement and +/- 45° rotation. This precise framing system enables you to highlight specific areas or create defined shapes, adding depth and dimension to your lighting displays. With Light Sky’s LED Beam Moving Head, your lighting designs will captivate and engage audiences like never before.


Versatile Effects for Limitless Creativity

Light Sky‘s LED Beam Moving Head provides a multitude of effects to enhance your lighting compositions. The motorized iris offers variable pulse and random effects, allowing you to create dynamic and eye-catching light transformations. The electronic pulse strobe and random strobe features enable you to add excitement and energy to your lighting sequences. With motorized focus and a linear dimmer ranging from 0 to 100%, you have complete control over the sharpness and intensity of your light beams. Additionally, the 4-facet prism with bidirectional rotation and 1° light frost feature adds further versatility and texture to your lighting effects. With a high LED refresh rate of 1000Hz to 25KHz, our LED Beam Moving Head ensures smooth and flicker-free lighting transitions.



Light Sky’s LED Beam Moving Head is a game-changer in the world of lighting solutions. With its vibrant colors and creative possibilities, dynamic gobo effects and precise framing, and versatile effects for limitless creativity, our LED Beam Moving Head empowers you to create mesmerizing and immersive lighting experiences. Whether you’re a lighting designer, event organizer, or venue owner, trust Light Sky to provide you with innovative and reliable lighting solutions that will elevate your productions to new heights.