Experience Stunning Lighting Effects with Light Sky’s Lunar Beam Moving Head Light

Designed to elevate your lighting experience, this moving head beam spot wash light is equipped with cutting-edge features and innovative technology. With a φ178mm lens and a powerful 421W (LIGHT SKY NSL421M USHIO) lamp, the Lunar Beam produces even facula and stunning lighting effects, making it the ideal choice for professional stage productions, concerts, and events.


Powerful Lighting Performance

The Lunar Beam stage light fixture boasts impressive specifications that ensure outstanding lighting performance. With its 421W (LIGHT SKY NSL421M USHIO) lamp, this moving head light generates a powerful beam that illuminates the stage with precision and clarity. The φ178mm lens enhances the quality of the light, producing a focused and uniform facula that captivates the audience and brings your performances to life. Whether you need sharp beams or expansive wash effects, the Lunar Beam delivers exceptional results every time.


Versatile Lighting Effects

With its innovative design, the Lunar Beam offers a wide range of lighting effects to create captivating visuals. Featuring 8 prisms, 16 double prisms, and prism combinations, this moving head light allows you to experiment with various beam shapes and patterns. Whether you want to project sharp geometric designs or create mesmerizing kaleidoscopic effects, the Lunar Beam provides endless possibilities. Its versatility enables you to adapt the lighting to different genres, moods, and artistic visions, making it a versatile tool for lighting designers and stage professionals.


Convenient Control and Installation

Light Sky understands the importance of user-friendly control systems and easy installation processes. The Lunar Beam features an LCD backlit screen and a mobile app for effortless control. With the intuitive interface, you can adjust settings, select lighting effects, and customize the beam according to your requirements. The mobile app offers additional convenience, allowing you to control the Lunar Beam remotely, giving you the freedom to focus on other aspects of your production.


Installing the beam moving head light is a hassle-free experience. The stage light fixture comes with a standard clamp system, making it easy to mount and secure in various settings. Its compact design ensures compatibility with different rigging systems, providing flexibility and convenience during setup. Whether you are a professional lighting technician or a beginner, the Lunar Beam’s user-friendly features and straightforward installation process make it accessible to all.



In conclusion, Light Sky’s Lunar Beam moving head light is a top-of-the-line stage light fixture that offers exceptional performance, versatility, and ease of use. With its powerful lighting capabilities, versatile effects, and convenient control options, the Lunar Beam is a must-have for any stage production or event. Its durable and heatproof construction ensures long-lasting reliability, while the advanced technology guarantees stunning lighting effects that will impress both performers and audiences alike.