What to Consider When Selecting Stage Lighting Exhibition

As there are several stage lighting exhibitions in different countries and regions, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth seeing. Therefore, we would like to recommend some excellent prolight&sound exhibitions. In these expos, you can find moving head light, beam lights, LED Par, and waterproof lighting, among others.


Frankfurt PLS might be regarded as the premier stage lighting exposition in the world. It is held annually in April in Frankfurt, Germany. At this expo, you will not only find modern lighting equipment from European brands such as CLAY PAKY, ROBE, and MARTIN, but also numerous Chinese stage lighting manufacturers, such as LIGHT SKY, which has been in business since 1993.

GET SHOW is the Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show.

Professional stage lighting is GET SHOW Since 2014, the Industry Association Of China Entertainment Equipment (SCEE) has sponsored an exhibition in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, typically in February or May. As Guangzhou is a professional stage lighting production hub city, the greatest advantage of the GET show is that you may visit the factory of your choice during or after the exhibition. Over 90 percent of Chinese Moving head lighting manufacturers are located in Guangzhou or nearby.

Middle East Prolight+Sound Services

Prolight+Sound Middle East is a fantastic stage lighting show held annually in September or October at the Dubai World Trade Center. Each year, it attracts visitors from Kuwait, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Oman, among others. Therefore, if you wish to expand into the Middle East market, this exhibition is your best option. Through this expo, LIGHT SKY, a Chinese supplier of moving head and beam lighting, has gained a substantial market share in the Middle East.


PLS + NAMM RUSSIA is a well-known lighting exhibition in the Russian-speaking region that is held annually in September in Moscow. The majority of its visitors come from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Latvia, and Lithuania. It would be an ideal option for expanding the Russian market. LIGHT SKY would attend PLS + NAMM RUSSIA annually due to the popularity of its beam lighting, LED wash lighting, outdoor moving head beam, and beam spot wash in the Russian market.

Here, we would like to recommend a leading Chinese manufacturer of stage lighting: LIGHT SKY. It has been producing stage lighting in Guangzhou since 1993. With over three decades of experience in stage lighting, including beam lighting, LED Par, outdoor moving head, theater lighting, city color, and event lighting, among others. Please visit LIGHT SKY’s website at www.LIGHT SKY.com for further information. We believe that you would enjoy LIGHT SKY.