The PL1915 is a New Arrival of Par Stage Lights from Light Sky

Whether it’s an indoor theater performance or an outdoor event such as weddings, parties, or concerts, stage lighting equipment is one of the most widely utilized lighting systems in the global entertainment industry. In conclusion, par stage lights and their incredible atmosphere-creating effect are loved by all types of stages.




Light Sky’s Newest Arrival: PL1915 Par Stage Lights


Light Sky’s PL1915 par stage lights are an excellent choice no matter what type of scene you need to illuminate with specialized lighting. The LED beam effect, one of their many original features, is a compelling reason to check them out.


Here are some of the additional attributes:


-Effects of Light of Varying Color Temperature Sky’s cutting-edge par stage lights can produce dynamic visual effects for scenes requiring specific modification settings, allowing them to be adapted to your specific needs. The options are then applicable.


The preset color temperature range includes 3200K, 4000K, 5600K, 6800K, 7600K, and even 8500K. The best part is that you can choose any of these color temperature effects to add a direct impact that you can use to attract attention to different scenes at different times. Through the R, G, and B channel control systems, you can also adjust the color temperature’s saturation.


-Lighting controlled by a single button

Another impressive feature of these sparse stage lights is that a single button allows for rapid switching between different light effects. Consequently, the transition between light and color is seamless and natural. The functionality of the ultra-bright strobe also helps to maintain light brightness after a quick flash. These par stage lights are considerably more user-friendly than the competition due to their quick and flexible methods for intelligently implementing the light function switch.




Light Sky has a solid industrial foundation in the region, which gives us market authority and a distinct competitive advantage. The superior quality of Light Sky’s products satisfies the needs of international customers, allowing them to export lighting products around the globe with pride.