The Best Way To Improve Your Artistic Showing At A Big Event Right Now

Big shows are usually a lot of work, from planning set design to building the stage and figuring out how to coordinate production. However, there is one device that can make your beam job easier and more affordable: the Light Sky beam spot wash.

beam spot wash


The Light Sky


With a commitment to research, development, and production of the highest quality products, we have distinguished ourselves as an industry leader for over three decades. In addition to beam lighting equipment, the company offers various other products, including but not limited to outdoor moving laser, LED moving spot profile, LED moving wash, and growing lighting.


Market’s Finest Available Beam Spot Wash Light


Light Sky offers the most versatile and potent stage lights for sale, and our LUNAR BSW is one of the best beam lights currently available. It is ideal for any outdoor event, including a music festival, due to its high performance. Given this, we have enumerated some of the most advantageous features of the AURORA beam light from Light Sky below.


High tensile strength, watertight, dustproof, and anticorrosive: The AURORA beam light has high tensile strength and satisfies the requirements for being watertight, oilproof, and dustproof, in addition to delivering unmatched performance. And the light could last up to 1500 hours.


Rapid reaction time, vibrant hue: Generally, moving light fixtures consume less electricity than other LED light fixtures, but the brightness of such light is questionable. The AURORA beam light, on the other hand, has a fast reaction time and maintains its brightness while simultaneously consuming less energy.




Outdoor lighting equipment must be water-, dust-, and corrosion-resistant. Regarding this, Light Sky offers considerably more than the essentials to create an unforgettable visual experience for your audience. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.