Moving Head Beam Light from A LIGHT SKY Is Popular

The public has always been interested in LIGHT SKY‘s stage lighting technology. Wherever they are used, the high-quality lighting fixtures will produce a breathtaking view. LIGHT SKY performed an amazing display at the GETShow, continuing its trend of dazzling audiences. This page describes every aspect of the GETShow, as well as how LIGHT SKY’s moving head beam light was incredible.

LIGHT SKY produced a wonderful atmosphere.

LIGHT SKY brought IP 2021 Profile and IP 4000 Laser, two popular moving head beam lights, to the exhibition.

During the introduction of these moving head beam lights at the exhibition, LIGHT SKY turned on these lights. At the exhibition, the lights functioned extraordinarily well, creating a beautiful and appealing ambiance. The awe-inspiring display created by the moving head beam lights caused everyone to raise their heads. The amazing output was praised by every reputable organization.

Two Moving Head Beam Lights on Display at The Exhibition

As previously indicated, LIGHT SKY displayed its two most recent pieces of stage lighting equipment at the GETShow: the SHARK PROFILE and the SHARK LASER. Each of these is introduced briefly below.


SHARK PROFILE is a 1200W IP66 LED moving head spot and profile light with high brightness. Its LED module source color is white, and it contains a color wheel with five different colors that may produce an array of gorgeous hues. Due to its exceptional longevity, it can endure for an extremely long time. Moreover, it has no harmful effects on the environment due to its steady environmental protection characteristics.

Based on the arrangement, it can function as a beam, spot, wash, or profile light. When an outside situation requires a multipurpose moving head beam light, it can be used extensively. The five color options can be combined to create an astonishing assortment of distinct hues.


SHARK Laser is an IP66-rated water-resistant moving head laser light. It is perfect for use in any extreme outdoor environment, including stadiums, live concerts, building tops, and theaters.

It has a high-density, white laser source that can produce an extreme amount of projected light. The degree of light density homogeneity over the surface is quite high. Moreover, there is a large, 14-color wheel that can project linked colors directly. In addition, the wheel may be utilized to make any desired hue with relative simplicity.

Key Takeaways

LIGHT SKY is a well-regarded producer and distributor of stage lighting equipment. Our manufacturing and R&D center encompasses an area of about 15 square kilometers. The factory creates dependable, high-quality goods that are well-liked throughout China. In addition, the R&D team is constantly striving to improve existing products and develop new market-leading items.

Finally, LIGHT SKY’s services are customized to meet customer requirements; our staff will do all possible to build a solution that is personalized to the customer’s demands.