3 Principal Advantages of LIGHT SKY Outdoor Stage Lighting

The stage lighting for outdoor events, such as concerts, can significantly impact enterprises that host such events. LIGHT SKY is the leading provider of outdoor moving head lighting, and this section will highlight the top five advantages of Shark Profile lighting.

Top 3 benefits of LIGHT SKY outdoor stage lighting 

  1. IP66 rating

The IP rating is used globally to assess the level of environmental protection provided by closures. The values after IP indicate the intensity of the stage lights when environmental hazards occur. In other words, the rating indicates whether the product can resist diverse effects. The IP66 rating for this outdoor stage lighting indicates that it is waterproof, dustproof, and oilproof.

  1. Excellent dynamic effects

Its dynamic effects are among the several advantages of Shark Profile outdoor stage lighting. The color wheel contains six hues, including white, and can rotate in either direction. Additionally, the illumination can produce a rainbow effect. The effect wheel employs seven color effects with configurable rotational speeds in both directions. There is also a kaleidoscope effect. The significance of these dynamic impacts is that they contribute to the ambiance of the event.

3.. cost-efficient

Budget is a crucial consideration when purchasing outdoor stage lights. In general, you should go for lighting that will help you save money in both the short and long term. First, you don’t want an expensive product, but you also want to save money on other expenses. This is when Shark Profile comes into play. This outdoor stage illumination is economical. Not only is it priced, but it also minimizes the expenditures associated with inadequate lighting.


Outdoor stage lighting is a useful element in any live performance. The demand for this form of lighting continues to expand annually. LIGHT SKY is an excellent option if you’re searching for the best stage lights for sale. Our Shark Profile offers numerous advantages, ranging from temperature resistance to cost efficiency. The best aspect of this illumination is that it is powerful, solid, and long-lasting, as well as equipped with a multitude of functions that maximize its utility. Remember that your outdoor stage lights should be water and dustproof.