Lightsky Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet 2023: A Night of Celebration and Appreciation


Last Friday night marked a significant milestone for Lightsky as the company hosted its highly anticipated Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet, bringing together all members for a night of celebration and appreciation. The evening commenced with an electrifying opening dance performance by the sales team, accompanied by the essential Lightsky moving headlight, setting the stage aglow with dynamic energy. The captivating performance, enhanced by amazing lighting, ignited the enthusiasm of the entire audience, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation for the night ahead.

A Heartfelt Call to Collective Progress

Subsequently,  Chairman of Lightsky, ZHANG XIANGNONG took the stage and delivered a heartfelt speech, expressing deep gratitude to all employees and reviewing the company’s extraordinary innovation and success history over the past 30 years. Chairman Zhang also shared the company’s future goals, calling on every member to grow with Lightsky and contribute to innovation in the stage lighting industry, emphasizing the importance of collective progress and collaboration.

Celebrating Innovation and Success

In addition to the spirited dance by the sales team, captivating performances by the R&D department and finance department followed, with each presenting engaging singing performances that showcased the diverse talents within the company. The active participation of every employee in this performance feast underscored a sense of unity and camaraderie, highlighting the significance of the Lightsky Annual Meeting and awards as a unifying event for the entire company.

Symbolic Gifts and Commendation

As the evening reached its climax, Lightsky presented carefully selected exquisite gifts and lucky red envelopes to all employees, symbolizing the company’s care for its employees and providing encouragement for the year ahead. Through an exciting lottery draw, lucky winners were selected to receive thoughtful and exquisite prizes, bringing joy and excitement to all attendees. The event also provided a platform to commend outstanding teams and individuals for their exceptional contributions in 2023, acknowledging their hard work and dedication as integral to the company’s success.

Gratitude and Wishes for the Future

As the annual meeting came to a successful close, Lightsky expressed gratitude to every member for their dedication and extended appreciation to customers for their continued support, conveying heartfelt wishes for a prosperous new year. The event served as a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of celebration, recognition, and unity among its members. This memorable evening not only celebrated past achievements but also set the stage for continued success and collaboration in the future. As we look ahead, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are committed to achieving even greater success together.

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