LIGHTSKY| Anti-Fake Components Statement

Thank you for your support and love to LIGHTSKY.

Recently, we have found that there are many LIGHTSKY fake components have been being sold in the market, taking advantage of the reputation and quality of the LIGHTSKY brand. Especially for POWER SUPPLIER, E-BALLAST AND LAMP, which are the super key components for the lighting fixture. The above-mentioned behaviors have seriously violated the rights and interests of consumers and brands, and disrupted the market order.


LIGHTSKY now makes the following statement regarding the above situation:

I. To ensure the lighting fixture’s quality, all the components of LIGHTSKY are well tested and controlled. any fake components sold to the market would serious harm LIGHTSKY customer’s benefit and violate LIGHTSKY’s copyright.

II. Since the quality and safety of fake components can not be guaranteed all the customer consumers shall choose official or authorized distribution channels to purchase the LIGHTSKY components for the after-service to avoid unnecessary

III. For illegal operations in the name of LIGHTSKY, LIGHTSKY will reserve the right to take relevant legal measures to investigate its tort liability.

Rest assured, we are taking every step to protect the reputation of the LIGHTSKY brand so that you can continue to enjoy quality products If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the official channels and authorized dealer customer service.

Official customer service: