LIGHTSKY Shines Bright at the “Seven Rivers and Eight Islands” Music Festival 2023

The “Seven Rivers and Eight Islands” music festival held on September 9th and 10th, 2023 in Yangzhou, China was a resounding success. Nearly 50,000 music enthusiasts from all over the country gathered in the ecological science and technology new city, which is one of the “Twelve Scenes of the Canal” in Yangzhou.

The festival featured 18 hip-hop and rap bands and labels, including popular singers such as GAI Zhou Yan, Ma Siwei, Huang Xu, and ICE Yang Changqing. The main lighting equipment of the stage was provided by LIGHTSKY, using their moving head light Lunar Max and Super Scope Max. These lighting fxitures illuminated the city night and created an electrifying atmosphere.

Covering an area of 80,000 square meters, the festival also boasted the Wanfu Fireworks Night Market and over 20 trendy toy and fashion stalls, which were a hit with attendees.

The artists and excellent stage lighting effects created a vibrant atmosphere that filled the venue with the sound of youth. Passionate and dynamic music combined with cheerful smiling faces to create an unforgettable experience. The band artists filled the scene with surging electronic music melodies, inspiring tens of thousands of fans to step on the same beat and dance the same “di”. The notes echoed over Zizai Island for a long time, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

The SUPER SCOPE MAX LED spot moving head light was a standout feature of the festival. With a 1200W LED light source and high-efficiency optical lens, it maximized brightness and made the beam penetrate stronger and brighter. Its powerful functions included BEAM, WASH, SPOT, PROFILE 4 in 1 function, CMY linear color mixing function, and professional cutting system. The wide zoom range from 6° to 50° covered favored field angles of most theatre and TV lights. The heat dissipation adopted intelligent noise reduction design, with low noise and good heat dissipation effect. The display panel adopted a 2.8-inch resistive color touch screen with good pressing sensitivity.

Another highlight was the LUNAR MAX professional moving head beam. It adopted a high-precision optical system with a front lens diameter of 200mm. Its Fat Beam, Super Brightness, and high color saturation were powered by a special OSRAM lamp jointly developed by LIGHTSKY and OSRAM. The fixture was compact, with only 22.5KG weight, making it very convenient for installation. With high precision of X/Y travel and fast pan/tilt moving speed, it was suitable for various events such as Bar KTV, concert, performance show, commercial show, wedding, theater, party, music festival, Auto show, etc.

In conclusion, the “Seven Rivers and Eight Islands” music festival was a resounding success that showcased the best of Chinese hip-hop and rap music. The festival was organized by a team of professionals who ensured that everything ran smoothly, from the lighting equipment to the stage setup. The stage lighting equipment, including SUPER SCOPE MAX and LUNAR MAX, added to the overall experience, creating a long-lasting impression on all those who attended.


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