LIGHT SKY’s F450II | The symphonic audio-visual show of "Creating Dream • Bird’s Nest"– the 10th anniversary of Olympics

"Creating Dream · Bird's Nest" -- The 10th Anniversary Of The Olympics

Activity Agenda:

Time : at 19:30 of July 15th – October 31st

It marked the 10th anniversary of the success of the Beijing Summer Olympics. The organized team hopes to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Beijing Olympics by holding the activities of “Creating Dream · Bird's Nest”, at the meanwhile, it can let more people to witness the fantastic charm that integrated technology, culture and sports.

The symphony-audio show of "Creating Dream ·Bird's Nest" has used 100 LIGHT SKY’s F450II (Bumblebee Series), which has created a powerful visual impact. With the high brightness, long projection distance and fast-paced response and excellent consistent performance, F450II was very popular with the organizers of numerous large-scale business performance from home and abroad.

The symphony audio-visual show has lasted for 30 minutes and is divided into four chapters: the Wing of Light, the Illusion of Light, the Song of Light, and the Dream of Light. They displayed the scenes of “Rebirth”, “Ancient Civilization”, “Modern Light”, “Time Travel”, “Dream of the Olympics”, “Build a Chinese dream” and “The Light Of The Future”.