More than 300 LIGHTSKY fixtures showed up in Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center ( Zhujin Flower Hall )

Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center

Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center covers an area of 600 acres. The architectural design is unique and ingenious. Located around the mountains, it is a famous and magnificent landmark in Nanning.

The exhibition has divided into 18 exhibition halls in different size ( The largest exhibition hall covers an area of 15800 square meters and the smallest exhibition hall of 2150 square meters). The indoor exhibition covers an area of 100,000 square meters and more than 6,000 international standard booths can be set up.

As a significant landmark in Nanning, Zhujin Flower Hall is a place where ten leaders of the ASEAN gather together to witness the ASEAN Exposition. Hence it (covering an area of approximately 2,300 square meters and is capable of accommodating 1,500 people) is also an ideal venue for holding various high-level conferences, exhibitions, banquets, and performing activities. The supporting services such as catering, commerce, and leisure are comprehensively provided.

The total height of the Zhujin Flower Hall is 60 meters, and there are more than 300 LIGHTSKY’s F450II, IPL6103 and F1000PROFILE-50R, all of which are installed at a height of more than 30 meters.

The fixtures are installed along the circle to form a three-layer semi-arcuate design. Thus it will present amazing light effect under the dome, showing a super three-dimensional sense of space. Lights combined with curved LED screens makes Zhujin Flower Hall a newly high-level banquet venue.