Light Sky Shines Like the Stars at South Korean Singer Psy’s International Concert

After "Gangnam Style" swept the world by storm, South Korea singer PSY held his sensational international concert at Seoul World Gymnasium in April this year. PSY’s “Happening” concert was produced on a large-scale since PSY attained stardom status, accommodating more than 50,000 audience, fans as well as Korean Celebrities, who all grooved passionately to PSY’s new hit songs and dance moves.

Concert producers selected Light SKY’s SIRIAN 330BS (BUMBLEBEE F330GT), and SIRIUS II 330 Beam( BUMBLEBEE F330 BEAM) moving beam and spot lights by Fly Dragon Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. The product features such as high brightness, full and sharp beam, superior speed, accurately positioning, perfect, consistency, smooth cease, powerful functionality and compactness fit the lighting design requirements.

Designed to look like a traditional South Korean Kite, the Seoul World Gymnasium carries the illusion of a floating kite from a distance. And it was at this Gymnasium that the design team established the huge lighting truss and the “T-shape” stage, with big screens set up on both sides. More than 100 units of SIRIAN 330BS fixtures and 150 units of SIRIUS II 330 BEAM from the Bumblebee F330 series were installed in the concert, creating a vibrant illuminated setting with a strong visual impact.

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