Why LED source is not easy to instead of discharge lamp?

Because the brightness requirement of stage lighting.

The same power , but the discharge moving beam is much more brightness than LED beam a lot . LED chip are most used to LED wash (moving) and LED par light, although LED source is getting popularity in the market , but for the outdoor big event , discharge lamp moving head light with strong demanding in the market.

Do you know the most important points between a professional moving head beam ?

GOBO wheel , color wheel or other ?

We need to acknowledge , exclude environment friendly request , the brightness is the one of the most important points .

480W Discharge Moving BeamLUNAR MAX of LightSky are well-knew by the brightness , the luminous Flux reach lux880000@10m , adopted OSRAM 480W lamp and 200mm diameter optical front lens ,which can create a very nice fat beam.

To get clear about what is the brightness data indicator of stage lighting fixture , we need to know, what is the luminous flux , lux and lm ?

Luminous flux: means that according to internationally prescribed standards,481The derived amount of radiant flux for the evaluation of human visual characteristics.

Lm: Luminous flux is measured in lumens (lm).The higher the lumens (lm)=the more visible light= the brighter=the better the electrical power conversion rate.

Lux (lx): Light intensity refers to the energy of visible light received per unit area, referred to as illuminance , unit Lux (Lux or lx).

Usually expressed as 1 lux=1lm/㎡,The higher the value, the higher the brightness.


For romantic wedding events , the most happy time of life , high brightness of wedding stage can bring a soul shock , let the couple foll into the love deeply , and to meet their highlight time .

Every body just have one time wedding , they deserve the best thing .

For concert stage  lighting design , despite the brightness, The prism effects also will impact the experience of audience . LightSky’s LUNAR MAX has 4 bi-direction rotation prisms and prism combination (multiple combination) , produce 3D vision and more possibility.

Bright rainbow effect of the Bar lighting,KTV lighting,Club lighting, party lighting and tour stage , make the event and show more colorful ,dazzling and full of vitality ,as same as other event lighting and show lighting.  LUNAR MAX adopted bi-direction rotation and rainbow effect color wheel with 14+1 color, which fixture can produce bright and pure color beam.

Bright lighting can amplify the music effect. Light and sound are very important for the stage , sound and lighting can make an immersive experience .0.5-12times/second (adjustable) strobe of stage lighting can meet the need for most music , slow or fast type. 

For the commercial lighting design  , a bright beam make your exhibits look more luxurious. A high brightness moving beam can keep the people attention at once when we put the control channel to the “on “ code of the stage lighting console. Your brand will insert to people’ s brain forever.

To conclusion , safe is the most important principle for all things .what is more , the brightness of moving beam is the most important advantage ,and the brightness of discharge lamp source is brighter than LED chip source.That is why the LED not easy to instead of the lamp in stage lighting industry .