Why AQUABEAM 400LL Sky Beam Light is the Best Outdoor Lighting Solution

Outdoor lighting solutions are invaluable in many industries, including entertainment and construction. Proper outdoor lighting can enhance the aesthetics of an event and provide safety and security for construction sites. Choosing a quality outdoor lighting solution is crucial to ensure efficient and reliable lighting. One recommended product for this is Light Sky’s AQUABEAM 400LL sky beam light. Designed for outdoor use, it is equipped with many features. Read on to learn more.


Unique Advantages of AQUABEAM 400LL for Outdoor Events

The AQUABEAM 400LL has become a popular choice for outdoor events thanks to its many unique advantages. Some of these advantages include:

  1. High Brightness

The AQUABEAM 400LL uses a Ushio 400W long-life lamp. With it, the sky beam light boasts very sharp, high brightness, which is ideal for outdoor use. The φ168 optical lens of this outdoor lighting solution boosts its light output, making it equivalent to a 4000W sky searchlight.   

  1. Resistance to UV, wearing, and high-temperature

The AQUABEAM 400LL is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Its anti-UV and anti-aging properties ensure its durability and long lifespan. Furthermore, the product also has high-temperature resistance. That makes it suitable for prolonged use and use in hot climates.


  1. Waterproof and Dustproof Design

The AQUABEAM 400LL has an IP54 rating, making it waterproof as well as dustproof. Its sturdy design makes it ideal for all weather conditions, including rain and snow.

  1. Energy-saving Lamp

The product features an energy-efficient lamp that reduces power consumption and significantly saves costs in the long run. It also makes the sky beam light an eco-friendly choice for outdoor events.

AQUABEAM 400LL sky beam light

How to Properly Install and Use the Sky Beam Light

Proper installation and use of the sky beam light is easy to achieve. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Determine the Areas and Ensure Proper Coverage

Before installing the sky beam light, determine the areas that require illumination and ensure the light covers them adequately. It is for the sake of security and lighting quality.

  1. Test the Lighting Setup

After installing the sky beam light, test the lighting setup to ensure it works correctly. Please turn on the light and check that it provides adequate illumination. Adjust as needed to ensure the lighting is evenly distributed.

  1. Secure and Protect the Wiring

Make sure that the wiring is secure and protected from damage. Use appropriate wiring methods and materials for outdoor use. Secure the wiring to prevent it from being damaged by weather. You can also use a conduit to protect the wiring from damage.

  1. Regular Maintenance

Stay on top of your outdoor lighting maintenance so that your setup remains in good condition. Clean the sky beam light occasionally to remove dirt and debris. Check for any loose connections or damaged components and fix them as necessary.

When installing and using the sky beam light, it is recommended that you refer to the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer for the best results.

concerrt lighting


Overall, sky beam light is a valuable investment for outdoor use because of its many unique advantages. When installing this feature-rich product, follow the above-listed step-by-step guidelines to ensure its safe and efficient operation. In this category, Light Sky’s AQUABEAM 400LL is a top choice. Its sturdy design, long life, energy efficiency, and intelligent operation set it apart from other sky beam lights available on the market. Visit our website to find more outdoor lighting devices we can offer.