How to keep consistent in stage lighting manufacture?

Why consistency is important ?

Consistency of the stage lighting is y is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and trust. Especially for the rental company ,as because of the big investment in equipment purchasing , most of the rental company would purchase same model in different times according to the cash flow issue and show schedule . so, consistency is vital for keep the performance quality .  

So, as a stage lighting manufacture, how to make sure the lighting equipment produce in different time at consistent condition is the symbol to show their capability.


Suggestions in QC aspect
Here are some key suggestions from Light sky,a professional stage lighting manufacture in China since 1993, to ensure consistency in products in quality control aspect:

Standardized Processes: The complete process from R&D-engineering-production-quality inspection-sales. All of them need to establish standardized processes for manufacturing, assembly, and quality control. Clearly define each step to minimize variations in production.

Quality is the most important thing,Let’s take a look at the strict QC process together.
Quality Control Checks: Implement rigorous quality control checks at various stages of production. This can include inspections, testing, and sampling to identify any deviations from standards.


The first station is IQC. The income material quality control.

All material we purchase, before put in the Material warehouse, LIGHT SKY IQC employees need to check their quality, like dimension, structure, performance and so on. We must make sure the components are qualified enough. Some key components need full inspection , some components would inspect randomly.

LIGHT SKY produce on assembly line. Each position only need to master 2 or 3 stage. This is the first position, after first position finish the first stage, the worker will pass it to the second position. Working like that one by one, after the whole position, The U shape is completed. We have two U shape line.

There is a big screen here show the information of the order, for example the deadline and quantity. On the small screen, there is Standard Operating Procedure written on it. Before working, every worker will have a operation training.

After the U shape, then comes the lampshade. The finished products will send to here to connect power, and test their function. 

We have strict QC system which have 3 step. Firstly is testing by our debugging person, then our FQC will check again. Before packing, our OQC will test products again according to his standard.

Training and Education

Ensure that all employees involved in the production process are properly trained and educated on quality standards, procedures, and best practices. Continuous training programs can help reinforce consistency.

LGIHT SKY adopt the approach of monitoring the process to accurately locate the defect rate of a certain step. When the defect rate is too high, we open technical explanation classes to improve the operating ability of baseline workers.