A Comprehensive Guide of Light Sky’s Advanced Stage Light Technologies

As a lighting professional, we are well aware of what remains to be a constant change in lighting technology for stages. In today’s fast-paced entertainment industry, innovative lighting solutions are crucial for enhancing live performances and captivating audiences. At Light Sky, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in advanced lighting solutions, offering groundbreaking products that are required to cater to different entertainment and performance needs. Our innovative lighting solutions are designed to elevate the visual experience of any event, from outdoor stage lighting to spotlights on a stage.Light Sky LEDs Application


  • Design and Optical Excellence

The MINI LUNAR AQUA is a compact, modular design suitable for high-end customers in search of a concept of precision and performance. We have engineered this fixture with high-precision optical elements that ensure a sharp, defined edge of the beam. With all individual debugging and disassembly easily done, this compact and modular design makes fixing easy and convenient for maintenance. This innovative lighting solution is perfect for creating stunning spotlights on a stage.


  • Technical Specifications

The MINI LUNAR AQUA offers a length of 1.7-degree light angle and extraordinary 210,000 lux illumination at a distance of 10. We provided it with a 14-color plate plus the white light, which makes a very wide palette of the design creativity possible. These state-of-the-art features make the MINI LUNAR AQUA a top choice for lighting solutions.

  • Unique Features

One of the standout features of the MINI LUNAR AQUA is the bi-directional rainbow effect, allowing for dynamic and eye-catching visuals. The fixed gobo with 17+1 patterns and the dual prism system enables multiple combination effects, giving lighting designers unparalleled flexibility.


  • Versatile Functionality

Our SUPER SCOPE PRO combines a 4-in-1 powerhouse: beam, spot, wash, profile. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for various venues, from theaters to concerts and beyond. The SUPER SCOPE PRO, with this adjustable design, is a truly innovative lighting solution.


  • Enhanced Visual Performance

Have no fear, because the SUPER SCOPE PRO is here to avail you a 133-mm lens fitted for great clear projections. With a high CRI of 90 and a dynamic Gobo module, this fixture delivers stunning visuals that captivate audiences. These features in the SUPER SCOPE PRO make it a necessary part of any visual lighting solution for enhancing the performance over any stage.

  • Efficiency and Output

Energy efficiency is a top priority at Light Sky, and the SUPER SCOPE PRO exemplifies this commitment. Boasting 26,000 lux at 10 meters and a total lumen output of 21,000 Lm, this fixture delivers powerful performance while minimizing energy consumption. The SUPER SCOPE PRO is an innovative lighting solution that combines efficiency and output.


  • Robust Outdoor Stage Lighting

The SUPER SHARK BEAM is the answer for the challenges of outdoor stage lighting. With IP66-level waterproofing, this fixture is built to withstand the elements, making it perfect for large-scale outdoor events and festivals.

  • Optical and Color Mixing Innovations

We have armed the SUPER SHARK BEAM with a high-definition lens and our cutting-edge CMY infinite color mixing system. The result is ultra-high illuminance of 1,500,000 lux at 10 meters in creating spotlights on a stage that is going to be visible from any far-off place. These optical and color mixing innovations make the SUPER SHARK BEAM a top choice for outdoor stage lighting.




  • Multi-Functional Wash Fixture

The PEARL WASH is our multi-functional wash fixture, designed to meet the demands of professional moving wash lights. With RGBL color mixing and CTO adjustment, this fixture delivers vibrant and dynamic washes that enhance any performance. The PEARL WASH is an innovative lighting solution that offers unparalleled versatility.


  • Application and Performance

We’ve designed the PEARL WASH with a 7-55° linear zoom, allowing for a wide range of applications. The fast and accurate XY positioning ensures precise control, while the flicker-free performance under HD cameras makes it ideal for televised events. These features make the PEARL WASH an essential tool for creating stunning spotlights on a stage.


At Light Sky, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of stage lighting technology. From the precision of the MINI LUNAR AQUA to the versatility of the SUPER SCOPE PRO, the robust outdoor stage lighting capabilities of the SUPER SHARK BEAM, and the multi-functional performance of the PEARL WASH, our innovative lighting solutions enhance the visual experience of events across the globe. Whether you’re lighting a concert, theater production, or outdoor festival, Light Sky has the cutting-edge products to bring your vision to life. Trust in our innovative lighting solutions to create unforgettable spotlights on a stage.



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