Technical Parameters


Voltage : AC90-240V / 50-60Hz
Input and output Agreement : International RDM Agreement
transmission capacity : Supporting 512channels’s real time transmission
Signal output : Distribute and output 6channels DMX signal in electrical isolation
The canon of Signal connection : Input XLR-3-M, output XLR-3-F
The mode of port : RS-485
Political isolation of the input to the output : >AC300V
Appearance size : 11.5*17CM
Weight : 0.86KG




1、Adopt international DMX512-RDM two-waycommunication protocol; It allows your controller toeasily and accessibly read and set the parameters of lightover long distances. For example: Set the light addressread library parameter and find light) Also connect more




3、Each in-out processing circuit both adopt modulardesign, and user can willfully match the assembly 3 pinsor 5 pins in-out modular according to your needs


4、When the output module was broken caused by stronglyattack from the external current, then the user can fix itat once. So it has another protection method for the liveshows


5、Each in-out has independent power supply, and eachmodular board is isolated with the independent protection circuit and photoelectric isolation. The measures realized the absolutely isolation between the signal andthe electricity


6、The 3 Pin(XLR-3)or 5 Pin(XLR-5)are more durable withthe silver metal




8、Possess bidirectional DMX512-RDM protocol functionCan feedback the light data to MA and other RDM lightcontroller











Attention : All downloaded light library files on this site need to be decompressed before they can be used.