LIGHTSKY Celebrates Dragon Boat Festival with 12,000 Crayfish and Fun Activities

LIGHTSKY celebrated the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival with a series of engaging activities for its employees on June 19th 2023. The highlight of the event was the feast of over 12,000 fresh crayfish, weighing more than 600 catties, which were specially ordered for the occasion. The company also prepared many special exquisite gifts and bonuses for its employees.


Before the lobster feast began, LIGHTSKY organized small games to engage its employees. All employees were divided into four groups, and the winners and losers were determined through games, with prize-winning rankings. Members of each group had the opportunity to receive gifts and bonuses, and members of the higher ranking group received more gifts! The games were a fun way to bring everyone together and build team spirit.


To beat the summer heat, LIGHTSKY also provided watermelon, ice cream, and drinks to replenish energy for everyone. The employees enjoyed the food while grooving to music, creating a festive atmosphere.


The Dragon Boat Festival series of activities came to a successful conclusion, leaving everyone feeling happy and energized. LIGHTSKY has always prioritized the physical and mental health of its employees and team building. The company plans to hold more similar activities in the future so that employees can feel the company’s humanistic care and enjoy life better after work.

LIGHTSKY expresses its most sincere thanks to all employees who participated in the event. The company looks forward to hosting more exciting activities in the future that bring people together and celebrate life.

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