Illuminating Success: Light Sky’s Global Stage Lighting Triumphs

Lighting the world stage, Light Sky has set its trademark at the forefront of professional lighting stages, leaving indelible marks at some of the most iconic events in the world. From the most electrifying music festivals to historic national celebrations, our innovative lighting solutions consistently ignite the mood and raise the spectacle to a new level each and every time. By unwavering commitment to the freshest technology and creativity, we always set a new standard in the art of lighting, always impressive and overwhelming more than ever.


Alfa Future People Festival 

On August 10th-12th, 2018, Light Sky’s IP3000 waterproof beam light was a core element in the success of the Alfa Future People (AFP) in Novgorod.


Light Sky IP3000 waterproof beam light


A huge electronic music festival in Russia, AFP means the cream of brilliant, versatile electronic music artists. The waterproof beam light, LIGHT SKY IP3000, had light up the different stages of the festival, shining into the night and attracting thousands of fans of electronic music with thousands of dreamy light effects. It further synchronized visitors’ experience with the beats of electronic music and smoothly added dynamic effects.

Combining technology with artistry, Light Sky turned the outdoor venue into a throbbing visual spectacle that complemented the high-octane performances of artists like Gus from Iceland and Araab Muzik. The lights are designed in a manner that would give an extremely mesmerizing experience by Light Sky, boosting one more dimension to the ambiance and gaining appreciation from all across the globe. Whether it was camping at some nearby location or getting accommodated at some posh hotel, attending the festival was a lifetime experience.


Latvia’s Centennial Celebration

Light Sky witnessed the centennial celebration of the Republic of Latvia on November 11, 2018, in Riga, the capital city. The grand event featured a spectacular light show titled “Saules mūžs” (The Life of the Sun), marking a hundred years of Latvian independence.


Light Sky F230II beam moving head


Light Sky was instrumental to this great nationwide celebration by supplying 100 units of IP3000 and 100 units of F230II lights. The IP3000 delivered a powerful 440W beam, combining its rugged outdoor design and IP44 protection rating to bring brightness to the event, while the F230II completed the stunning visuals with vibrant colors in the magnificent new cityscape of Riga.

The centerpiece of the light show featured an image of the sun, symbolizing Latvia’s trip from origin up to now, followed by an outstanding fireworks display. Light Sky in lighting design made the festive mood more relevant to show the rich history and culture of Latvia with pride to the world. All visitors felt the profound historical meaning. Our fixtures have an advanced control system and precision optics, ensuring perfect integration with an outstanding visual impact and raising the celebration to new levels of spectacle and grandeur.


IP66 LED 1200W Shark Profile


WONDERSALA Summer Concerts

The 2023 WONDERSALA Summer Concert in Riga, Latvia: Here, the moving lights from Light Sky radiate over the open-air territory, adding an inviting luster to the concert atmosphere and creating unbelievable visual effects. This included a number of high-quality lighting fixtures from Light Sky, turning the concert into one of those truly memorable shows.

Our Mamba bar light is based on a unique optical design: control each LED stage lighting exactly to make charming light effects like dancing on stage. Among others, this included the IP66 LED 1200W Shark Profile, designed for a specific area, and the Aquapearl-pro that washes the color, hence improving the performances of such artists like LOBODA, Zemfira, Morgenstern, Armin van Buuren, and.

Light Sky has combined advanced technology with artistic creativity in order to transcend the spectators into a sensorial journey of lights and sounds. Controlled with precision to color, intensity, and motion, our products put every note and rhythm of music at the top with a visual movement that is filled with immersion.


Wrapped Up

We are the world leader in professional stage lighting in different spheres and projects. The transformational presence of Light Sky at such events as the Alfa Future People Festival, Latvia’s Centennial Celebration, and WONDERSALA Summer Concerts defines the highest level of mastery in the technology of lighting.

Innovative in commitment and passionate for enhanced experiences, Light Sky, dedicated with a strong sense of unwavering focus, redefines standards of excellence with advanced technology and unrivaled creativity to light up the global stage and mold experiences never forgotten.



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