The world’s largest-scale alive show in ShaoShan The Great Mao ZeDong

The Great Mao ZeDong is the core project of ShaoShan Oriental Cultural Centre, based on great feats of the Chinese revolution by Mao ZeDong, using 4D and holographic projection technology, Which is adopted landscape alive-action 、 multimedia technology and high-tech of stage device In the show well-combined the elements such as song, dance, drama, weiya, lighting (adopted Light Sky more than 100PCS waterproof moving head beam light-named IP3000) Electricity, fire and water which make the show fantastic.On April 15th, 2014 officially opened to the public, the show in March 2015 won the certification of the Shanghai Great World Guinness - the biggest outdoor stage (18,300 sq.m). On January 16th, 2016, a largest-scale live show 《China Arises Mao ZeDong 》 won the ITIA -2015 China best Tourism Performing Award, the prize is known as the "Oscar" prize in China's tourism industry.

Six lightspots:

Evaluation: Verified by the experts of Literature Research of Central Authorities

the CPC of Hunan Publicity Department and Provincial Party Committee of the CPC, giving the evaluation : guide is correct on the base of historical facts, easy understanding for the audience ,which is a distinguishing , worthy watch, with educated significance and the aesthetic value for the red theme works.

Stage: It was the first time to use the China map to design stage, presenting multiple points of view and complex stage model. In March 2015, the show won the Shanghai Great World Guinness Certification - the biggest outdoor stage (18,300 sq.m).

Lighting: Adopted Light Sky brand more than 100PCS waterproof moving head beam --IP3000, which Cooperate with the excellent actors and make the show performance more incisively and vividly!

Projection: This Alive show is one of the biggest area of multimedia projection among current China which used in live show performance and also some stage technical achieved the world's top technology and visual auditory shock effect.

Seat: The largest- mobile audience seat in China, the mobile 1980 seats can have good communication no matter in emotion or emotional language in the show .The unique interactive device also become a major bright spot for the show.

WeiYa: The fantastic stage machinery device and difficult collective performance also a bright spot for the show and it is easy for the audience to get into the scene with the development of the show.