The Gorgeous Sun In May Illuminating Huangpu District, LIGHT SKY Were Shining At The Green Axis Square Of Guangzhou Science City

The Gorgeous Sun In May Are Illuminating Huangpu District

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening-up and the 34th anniversary of Establishment of Guangzhou Development Zone, the upgrading and reconstruction project of Guangzhou Science City , one of the eight wonders in Guangzhou, have been fully promoted by the government of Huangpu District and the Guangzhou Development Zone.

The light show with Rubik cube of Science and Technology

The elaborate pictures were shifting around the light and shadow over the ground of the buiding. With an unique style of architechture, the building was granted with a wholly new soul.

Over 100 units LIGHT SKY’s third-generation F400BSW(3 IN 1) and IP2000 Waterproof Beam Lights were adopted at the entire project. Even the high brightness of large LED screen could not overwhelm the shining beam lights. Combining with the colorful fountains and laser devices as well as the advanced technology of calibration, the whole Guangzhou Science City was decorated into a city of lights, which contributed to the economy of Huangpu Destrict as well.