RDS16 is a truss dedicated 6 ways RDM (DMX signal splitter; RDS16’s usage is as simply as ordinary DMX signal amplifier, which can be used when connected to XLR socket.)


1、Optional mode: DMX or RDM


2、Each input/ output XLR port is optical-isolated.


3、Fasten to truss with sticker belt


4、Fixed on truss with clamps


5、XLR port: 3-pin 1IN/1THRU/6OUT


6、PowerCon power supply: 1IN/1OUT


7、Terminate& mode switch


8、Input voltage: 100-240V AC50/ 60Hz


9、Fuse: T1A, 250V


10、Power: 5W


Usage of button switch:

Terminate: Terminal matching resistance switch; Push this button to connect to the terminal matching resistance when THRU port is not connected to lighting fixture. Release the button and off terminal matching resistance when THRU port is connected to lighting fixture.


Mode: Operating mode option switch. Push this button to access to RDM mode. Release this button to make it work only under DMX mode. RDS will filter RDM data automatically when working under DMX mode.